Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Not the best paint in the world.

As you can see from these pictures, although my scooter has not been ridden a lot , she has certainly been around the block a few times. There are several areas where the previous owners have had little scrapes and dings that were too minor to repair. A simple squirt of rattlecan paint was considered enough to prevent the rust monsters from taking hold. So, I have ended up with a very original slightly acned looking scooter. I wonder if the vintage scooter community thinks this look adds to or takes away from the desirability of the bike. I have already had one strong objection from Blackbart to painting her, but I did so want to do the old "Mod"  type personalised paintjob.  Hmmmm, things to think about.

To the right of the horn cover you can see blemishes on the legshield.

                                             Here is a close-up of the Sears Bluebadge.
 Once again though, not surrounded by the best paint.

Choke, fuel on/off tap and I.D. Plate. More patina paint, and the kickstarter peeking round the side.

          Yeuch. The ugly looking gearshift, and a small view of the mirror stem. Lots of character.

I think this is called a "Headset". Anyway it needs a bit of paint too, don't you think? Yes I acquired this scooter with a little more than 1700miles on it. An average of 377 miles per year. I have already added 772 miles to that total myself. Wow that is hard to believe.
                All original floormat and aluminum trim. I will need a new brake cover rubber though.
Dare I say it? Oh Okay.  Does this scooter make my butt look big honey?  1974 the last time this scooter was registered and in a different state too. Sure made it difficult for the people at my local DMV. Their computer kindly informed them that Sears never made or sold scooters.

             Last but not least, a happy man making sure the light is on and someone is home. No that is not a helmet, that is my head!!!!

 So.....opinions please. To paint or not to paint, that is the question .  Surely a Vespa of any other colour would smell as sweet.

 All the best.
  Sir Paul                                     

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  1. I say that if the paint job is a good one, go for it!