Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Penny Saved.

     My Vespa is costing me between 4 and 5 cents a mile! Compared to my 1977 Ford Truck, which gets about 14 miles to the gallon (26 cents/mile), and my 1987 wagon, which gets 26 mpg( 14 cents/mile), the Vespa is pretty thrifty, and it is my oldest vehicle at 45 yrs old.
     Unfortunately the weather will soon change and I will have to start driving one of my other 2 vehicles. Oh did I mention there is a third option...... I also have a, not running at the moment, SAAB 96 which gets about 40mpg (10 cents/mile). The SAAB needs a clutch put in it, I have all the parts but not the one necessary "special tool" that is needed to do a front wheel drive SAAB clutch change. There is a fellow locally who has the tool, he thinks, but he wants 350 dollars to do the job...hmm. That really adds to the cost per mile of running a vehicle over the winter, plus, where does anyone find an extra $350 in this economy? 
                                                      The aforementioned Station Wagon.

"Old Blue" My '77 Ford Truck.

 "Sophia" my 1966 Sears/Vespa

Here is my 1973 Saab 96.
I should have closed the hood before taking the picture. Ah well.



  1. One day I wouldn't mind taking the Saab off of your hands. :-D

  2. Take care of that Saab!
    (Well, GM didn't).
    From Sweden with love.