Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Meeting a fellow Scooterist.

   I had to go into Tennessee today to visit the mighty metropolis of Johnson City in order to buy some boots. Whilst I was passing thru Elizabethton I spotted a fellow on a scooter. As we scooterists seem to be few and far between in this region of pick-up trucks and Subarus I decided to have a quick chat with a fellow scooter-dude. Yes I just made that word up!
   It turns out that Mr Addison, the aforementioned Scooter-dude, is also a newbie like myself. He has had his scooter since August of this year. His scooter is a Daelin 125, which means he has the same size engine that I have in Sophia.
                                     Here is a piccy of the Daelin 125. 2008 Model

 It also turns out that we have more than scooter riding in common, as this gentleman is also a high school sports official. His game is American Football, whereas mine, of course, is English Football, or Soccer as we call it in America . After a few minutes of chatting at the side of the road we decided that we should try to get together for a ride sometime soon before the weather really deteriorates.
   Mr Addison was on his way to have his scooter looked at by a mechanic because he has found that as the weather gets colder his scooter is becoming more difficult to start. He bought it from a workmate so at least he knows its history, in fact this particular scooter has been owned by 3 people at his place of work. I wonder who will get it next?????

 Anyhow, looking forward to hearing from you Mr. A.  Let's go riding.
  All the best.
  Sir Paul.


  1. If I ever get a scooter, I'll join your club. :-)

  2. Looks like you may have waited a bit too late as it is now snowing, Sir Paul! Hopefully you two can squeeze in a scootering before the real winter sets in ... or you can just go skiing instead :-). And I'll join too, when Nina does. xoxo