Friday, December 23, 2011

Doing something out of the ordinary.

I walked into my local convenience store the other day and the owner threw a canvas bag, with his store name on it, at me.
"Here," he said "use this, I am sick of seeing you ride around on that scooter with your stuff in an Ingles bag. At least advertise for me when everyone stares at you on that thing".
I accepted his generous gift and told him a lot of people might get to see it, as I was thinking of doing the Scooter Cannon Ball. He is a motorbike rider himself and he was very excited about the idea. So excited in fact that he offered to sponsor me. Every time someone gives him a Dollar coin between now and the end of March he will put it in a jar that has my name on it!!!!!!! How bloody cool is that?
Also, listening in on this conversation was the owner of the local BBQ restaurant. Get this, he offered to throw in a hundred dollars for gas if I put two of his stickers somewhere on my scoot!!! His stickers are about 3 inches in diameter, good deal eh? Luckily I have built up good karma with this guy over the last 5 yrs by eating at his BBQ place on a regular basis.
Being the joker that he is, he also said that every time he goes into the convenience store for his daily Doctor Pepper he is going to pay with a Dollar coin. Hahaha. Country boys are so damned smart, he told me I should buy a drink every day too, using the Dollar coin, that way I get a soda and in April I get all my money back !!!

Anyway, the upshot is, I now HAVE to do the Cannon Ball instead of just think about it...yikes.

If you want to know more about the Scooter Cannon Ball Run try this link.

 But basically the Cannon Ball involves riding a small scooter from Savannah Ga. to San Diego Ca. in 8 days. The rider averages about 350miles a day on secondary roads( to stay away from high speed traffic and semi trucks). So far this year about 30 people are signed up. The route goes through Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas(two days to cross it), New Mexico and finally California. Phew, it even sounds like a long way. It also appears that we will go from 9000 feet above sea level to approx 200 feet below, possibly in the same day.
  Now to start planning in earnest.
All the best,
 Sir Paul.


  1. Plan in earnest, Padre! :-D I want a shirt!

  2. Tuff stuff the Cannonball Run . . . or, at least intense stuff. It does sound like you've made a commit to do it, whether you planned to or not. Whether planned or not it does sound like you now got game. Yep, if I was you, I'd start planning in earnest.

    Good luck and I, for one, am looking forward to seeing what unfolds.