Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Saint Valentine's day ride.

I went out for a short ride today. Took my favourite road up to Roan Mtn.State Park. It's a good clean road surface with some nice tight turns and a lot of long sweeping curves. The only drawbacks to riding this road at this time of year are, the possibility of ice, and the probability of deer.

Obviously most of the snow and ice from last weekend is melting away. This little creek is becoming more of a branch or tributary.
Lots of debris gets washed downstream. Doesn't hurt to be on the look-out for Beaver too, you can often spot where they have been chewing away at the bases of trees here.

Nothing I like better than finding "beach glass" in these mountain streams. White and green examples above.
As long as they are worn or rounded enough to not cut you when you pick them up, then they are "beach glass". If they cut you, then they are trash and you pick em up and toss em in the garbage so some kid doesnt cut their feet in the summer. That happened to my kid brother Craig one summer, in Wales at the beach. There was a broken bottle under a raft we were all playing on. As I remember, Dad took Craig to hospital for stitches while Mum and us other three carried on at the beach. Well, no point in everyone having a miserable time was there? 'Course we had to stay away from the raft from then on. Colwyn Bay it was, we went pony riding too. That may also have been the year we saw Chitty Chitty Bang Bang for the first time. We always went to the pictures when it rained on Holiday.

                 Here are some of the deer that are always to be found grazing at the side of the road.
 They seem to know exactly where the state park boundary is. There is no hunting in the state park of course. It really infuriates my hunter buddies when they see so many deer on their way home from work but cannot take a shot at them.
 I think they have never seen or heard a Vespa before mine because they always stare curiously, and twitch their tails a little nervously at the new noise and sight. Cars do not bother them in the least, and the hoards of big motorbikes that zoom up and down this road in season are hardly spared a glance, but for some reason the bzzzzzzzzz of my little engine and the meep meep of the horn makes them very curious.
 Before this little family of 8 deer decided to move along, I was less than 30 yds away from them. The prick up their ears when you talk to them too.
Deer Rear
 What do you see when you are out riding?

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  1. I know that road! And I've met those deer before!

  2. I'm glad to know the difference between beach glass and trash. That made me smile.

    I see stump statues and lots of pink flamingos.
    Circle Blue