Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Visiting a Local Dealer

         I had occasion to go to Charlotte N.C. a week ago, so whilst I was there I made a visit to Vespa Of Charlotte. I had good directions to the place but I actually drove right past it. It did not look anything like a motorbike dealers or showroom at all.

     So, there is the store. It looks a bit small, and with the awning over the entrance I must have mistaken it for a beauty salon. Anyway after asking directions, or location, from a passerby, I circled the block and 2nd time was a charm.
The fella that owns the place is called Mike, and a right nice guy he is too. He showed me around and explained all his bikes to me. The place was packed with shiny, gorgeous scooters as he had not had a chance to put them out on the street yet. He handles Vespas, Kymcos and Genuine Scooters, plus he had a Yamaha Vino in there too, on consignment. The scoot that I particularly liked was actually called....LIKE, and is made by Kymco. It is available with a 163 cc engine and is very good looking. Unfortunately the handlebars hit my knees when I am sitting in the driving/riding position, and there seems to be no adjustability to the steering/headset.
Here is the Like. Front like a Vespa, rear like a Lambretta.
The above is the 50cc model, but the 163cc has the same body, bigger engine.

What really fit me to a tee was the 2007 LX150 Vespa. I can really see myself riding down the road on one of those. This one was owned by a lady who only put 500 miles on it before deciding scooters, or two wheelers in general, were not for her. Charlotte is a pretty big city and the traffic may have been too much for her.
Here is the bonnie Blue Vespa 150
Yes, I was tempted by the pink one, but it was only 50cc.and I do not have a helmet to match, so.
It would be really nice to have a modern Vespa to run around on, for the reliability, and extra speed. That way Sophia could be worked on and become more of a weekend ride/show bike. Job situations will have to change before that happens, I think.
I ran into a fellow on line who has a Kymco Like. He is also 5'10", he has nothing but good things to say about the quality of the scoot, but when it comes to ergonomics he wishes he had bought something else. Even at his(and my) average height, he cannot find a comfortable riding position. His legs bump the steering/handlebars, and there is no comfortable way to slide back on the seat because of the way it is shaped.
I had a good time chatting with Mike, and I am sure that if I fall into a pot of money sometime soon, I will give him a visit and come back with a shiny new toy. Oh, and by the way, when I said he was local, what I meant was, I drove for two and a half hours. We need a scooter dealership in Elk Park!

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  1. I wouldn't mind the Like or the pretty Blue one. :-) Although, I might like the Like in a different color better!